Block Zine

Block is by women — about work, creative block, and how we make. Essays, interviews, and pull out mantra posters for your workspace. 

By Danielle Sullivan of Wild Ones and Kara Haupt of Babe Vibes. Featuring Fariha RóisínMaria Ines GulChelsey DyerVanessa WilloughbyKanda Mbenza-NgomaMei RatzRobyn KannerSohaila Adela, and Sarah Versprille


I'm so happy I could contribute to the Block zine, compiled with insights from lots of cool babes. 
Available for purchase here.

Photos: Babe Vibes

04/16 Mixtape — Feels

1. Talk Talk (Ta-ku Remix) – George Maple
2. Warm – SG Lewis
3. Feel Real – Deptford Goth
4. Friend (Lover) – Evenings
5. Panther – MADE IN HEIGHTS
6. Wavey (feat. Spooky Black) – Allan Kingdom
7. Valentine Virus Part II (Ode to Prod) – Royce Wood Junior
8. Chasing Shadows – Santigold
9. A Place Like This – Majid Jordan
10. III. Follow – Owen Thiele x Zack Sekoff
11. No Sass – Photay
12. FKA x inc.  – FKA x inc.
13. Bad for Me – Rome Fortune
14. Jasmine – Jai Paul
15. Control – Majical Cloudz
16. Petrol Station – Sorcha Richardson
17. Tied2u – xxyyxx
18. Say You Love Me (Shura Remix) – Jessie Ware
19. Hot Dreams (Absolutely Free Dub Mix) – Timber Timbre


Feel all the feels. 

12/15 Mixtape — Dream Cave

1. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth – Four Tet
2. Casanova – Denitia and Sene
3. Cameras – Women
4. Cuckoo – Still Corners
5. Cold Stares (feat. Chance the Rapper & Maceo Haymes) – Nosaj Thing
6. Is It All Over My Face & Tower Of Meaning – Blood Orange
7. Hour – Porches
8. Paul Is Alive – EL VY
9. Corporeal – Broadcast
10. Same Thing – Islands
11. I Go To Sleep – Anika
12. Live In Dreams – Wild Nothing
13. Holding On – Tourist, Josef
14. Swim High – Rivka
15. Let U Go – Slow Magic
16. Soft Return – Labradford
17. Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Nina Simone
18. Dream Cave – Cloud Control


One last mix to end the year with...

Warm fuzz, hazy vibes, + slo-mo dance parties by the fire. 
Keep cozy, y'all. 



I wanted to share some shots from the WinterShop pop-up last weekend. Everyone's stuff looked so good together in the space. 

Check out the work of this talented group of gals — 
Ari Bird / Alyssa Block / Mia Christopher / Maker & MineralSavannah RusherLana WilliamsChelsea Wong  

Big thanks to Alyssa Block for organizing, curating and hosting such a cool LADYBOSS event.

Friday Finds