Joe Reihsen

I recently came across the work of Joe Reisen, filled with layers of hyperreal paint strokes in dreamy pastels. It seems like there are tiny landscapes within these illusive layers of paint. I would love to see these up close in person, or better yet, have one to hang in my house.

 Characterized by illusion of an excessive amount of paint, Reihsen’s work is soft and dreamy in creating optics and illusion at play in colors of neon pastels. The viewer wonders, “How was this work made?” Pushing the boundaries of surface, color, and flexibility of paint, Reihsen employs a performative method he describes as "capturing and intensifying the earlier version." What is left is an acidic rainbow that creates lines, shapes, and smudges that appear to be lifted from the canvas. Although pleasing in its color composition and shapes, there is a tension created by challenging the viewer’s perception and knowledge of artistic creation.

Joe Reisen
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