New Work — Corey Hendrickson Weddings

Chelsey Dyer — Corey Hendrickson Weddings

Happy Friday! I'm wrapping up a productive week from a new (to me) cafe in Austin, Radio Coffee where I can drink coffee + get some work done while enjoying a breakfast taco from the taco truck outside...HEAVEN. I took a last minute trip to Texas to take advantage of my flexible work-from-anywhere status (AHH! It's the best!) and visit some of my close friends + their new little baby friend, can't wait to squeeze that little dude.

I shared a sneak peek last week of the branding project I did for wedding photographer, Corey Hendrickson, which is a continuation of the work I did for him awhile back for his primary photography business. He wanted to extend the brand out to his wedding work. His approach to photographing weddings is similar to how I like to design for them — authentic and honest with no unnecessary fuss or frills, so that was nice. It was fun and interesting to focus on only the masculine side of a wedding brand. Next up are business cards which will really bring everything to life!

If you're interested in working together on a branding project, get in touch!