We're heading to Japan in a couple weeks — AHH! Pretty excited. I'm long overdue for a big adventure – I've been daydreaming about traveling since before I moved out west six years ago. Moving to California from Texas has sort of been like being on vacation every day, but other than a few solid road trips in California, my travel has been limited to trips back to Texas and the Midwest for weddings, holidays, and visits with family + friends.

I've been wanting to visit Japan for a long time – I'll be visiting Kyoto and Tokyo during the busy cherry blossom season, so there will be a bit of craziness, but well worth it I'm sure. I'm looking forward to eating lots of sushi, hiking in the mountains around Kyoto, visiting temples, relaxing in some onsens, and wandering all over Tokyo. I think my brain might just explode from all of the visual stimulation and general cuteness. It's safe to say that this trip will be well documented, so I'll have a lot to share when I get back :)

+ If you have any tips or must-sees for Tokyo or Kyoto, I'd love to hear about them!